About us at Goggins Trips and Tours

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About us at Goggins Trips and Tours

About Goggin's Trips and Tours

Goggin’s Trips and Tours

Welcome to our site Goggin’s trips and tours.com. We are a family run business located in the picturesque Ballinskelligs in the beautiful South Kerry. We have been serving the people of Kerry and beyond also many friends from overseas for more than 20 years and we pride ourselves in offering a first class transport service. Goggin’s trips and tours is operated by myself John Goggin and my wife Susan along with our two daughters Shauna and Chloe.


We cater for both locals and holiday makers alike. We offer comprehensive service where we cater for all your transport needs. Here at Goggin’s we offer tours of the Ring of Kerry,the Skellig Ring and the Iveragh Penisula to mention a few.

Allied with these services we offer transport to numerous events for example concerts, sporting occasions, and other major attraction. We at Goggins  cater for Fishing, Golfing , walking and other group that require transport. Please feel free to look at our services page here.


Goggin’s trips and tours offer you the chance to stay with us in beautiful village of Dungegan in Ballingskelligs only a 5 minute walk to the well known beach at Ballinskelligs. Please feel free to browse through our accommodation page and take a tour of our luxury accommodation at Ballinskelligs.

Holiday maker

Please take this opportunity to browse through our site to gain a clear picture of what we offer and also enjoy the beautiful images of kingdom of Kerry and enjoy the wonders of the mystical South Kerry itself. So if you feel inspired to come to this spectacular part of the world please contact us today.


If you are looking for further information in organizing transport to any event within Kerry or beyond also if you require transport for any other occasion for example a dinner party, cycling groups or a shuttle run to the Airport; please contact us today.

Goggin’s Trips and Tours

Now that you have learned a little more about what we offer you; please investigate our site for more information and we will  speak with you soon,
Thank You,

Phone numbers,

John=087 2229858

Susan=087 6328023

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