Ireland Vacations | Visit Ireland

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Ireland Vacations | Visit Ireland

So you are sitting there wondering “Where I will go on holidays next year?”

You’re tired and you need a place that is truly free from over development and concrete jungles. You want to feel the freshest air hit your face and rush to your lungs to make you feel clean and alive.

Well, that’s what I say to you: Come with me and let’s visit Ireland! Yes, there is no doubt about it; Ireland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With the most awe inspiring wild and wonderful landscapes with intermittent rains, close skies and the brilliant colour of green everywhere; not to mention our sunsets painted by god himself.  Yes, I say come and let’s go without hesitation to the emerald isle.

Looking for a Vacation

You have sat at your PC and have typed in “Ireland vacations” unsure of what you’ll find. It is us, here at Goggins Trips and Tours you find, and we are here to give you the experience of a lifetime. We are here to give you the real Ireland, wild and wonderful, untamed and unspoiled.

First of all, let me welcome you and then, please click on the video to get a clearer picture of what is waiting for you.

Our Location in Ireland

Now that you have seen the amazing images of our location, you are anxious to find out where is the location of what you just saw.

We are located in the kingdom of Kerry, undoubtedly Ireland’s most beautiful county. More specifically, in South West Kerry, in a little Gaeltach Village of Dungeagan in Ballinskelligs.

Ballinskelligs is truly a glimpse at paradise; sitting right at the shore of the Atlantic, with mountains at her back, with their arms around her to offer protection and shelter.

Out there in the distance, there are two amazing rocks bursting out of the Atlantic and soaring to the overhead skies, which are known as the Skelligs Rocks. Once, a monastic settlement; now, the destination for you and me, to really get inspired, see how the monks used to live and really experience the world in its most natural state.

What can you do here with Goggins Trips and Tours?

Now that your search is paying dividends, let me highlight what things are available for you to do.

Golf Fishing Walking
Mountaineering Horse Trekking Sailing
Diving Water skiing Wind Surfing
Surfing Cycling Swimming
Skellig Trips Historical sites Archaeological  Sites
Music Sessions Award winning Restaurants And much more


 Are you inspired?

You now know where you have to come on vacation after that quick Google search “Ireland Vacations”. Do not wait any longer; contact us today and let’s get started on your trip to the emerald isle.

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