Things to do in Ballinskelligs

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Things to do in Ballinskelligs

Things to do in Ballinskelligs


The name Ballinskelligs can be traced from the two Irish names. The first being Baile and Sceilg second. Together they mean “homestead of the rocks.

Ballinskelligs is Gaeltacht village in the south-west of the Iveragh peninsula in County Kerry. The rocks referred to in the village’s Irish name are the two beautiful rocks, Skellig Michael and Little Skellig, an ancient monastic colony which lies off the coast from Ballinskelligs.

Understanding above short history on Ballinskelligs, you are now having in mind an overview on what things to do in Ballinskelligs. It is an amazing place to visit in Ireland.

Ballinskelligs, areas nearby

Visiting Ballinskelligs is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Keep in mind Ballinskelligs is in close proximity to the great Skellig Michael islands. Having a tour to these beautiful islands from Ballinskelligs is a must.

It is only a short boat tour away to the Skellig Michael islands a UNESCO World Heritage site of course. The islands stand nine miles off the Ballinskelligs coast.

Ballinskelligs, things to do in

At Ballinskelligs there are many activities for you to do. Basing on your preferences you are welcome to enjoy some of the following if not all.

  • Boating, Boating to the Skellig Michael islands is one of the activities to this amazing place. Put it on your Bucket list. Book with us here at Goggins trips and tours for your Skellig Michael tour.
  • Bird watching, There’s thousands of gannets here as well as puffins, seagulls, razorbills, kittiwakes etc living here.
  • Biking, when you think of things to do in Ballinskelligs, Biking has to be one of your choices. Ballinskelligs has an amazing array of on roads for day excursions to suit cyclists of all levels. Just imagine cycling while enjoying the meander along these fantastic coastal roads of iveragh.
  • Walking, Ballinskelligs is the perfect place for you to take the time to walk our loop walks here in Ballinskelligs. Emalagh and Bolus loops are two fantastic walks here in Ballinskelligs. Allied with this there are numerous loop walks around South Kerry.
  • Surfing, Wind-surfing, with number of beaches around, Ballinskelligs offers you water sports of your choices, wind surfing and kayaking. Do not dear to miss this.
  • Ballinskelligs Beach,is a beautiful blue flag beach the perfect place for you to watch the world go bye, go for a stroll a paddle or swim.
  • Cill Rialaig, No trip to Ballinskelligs is complete without visiting Cill Rialaig Famine village and artist’s retreat. The Cill Rialaig Arts Centre features a wide range of exhibitions, programs and workshops all year round.

 Things to do in Ballinskelligs

So guys that is the quick introduction to the “things to do in Ballinskelligs” do not to forget Golfing, Star gazing, Fishing and many others. So why not stay  with us Goggins trips and tours is our beautiful accommodation in Ballinskelligs.

Now you know, things to do in Ballinskelligs

Now that you have seen what Ballinskelligs has to offer you, do not hesitate to book your accommodation with us today.

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