Visit Ireland why? | Ireland Vacations

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Visit Ireland why? | Ireland Vacations

Millions of people visit Ireland every year. The real question is why they visit Ireland. My post today is going to outline why people come in their droves to the emerald isle and highlight to you the wonders of Ireland.


Wild untamed scenery

Ireland is splashed with 1000 shades of green and possesses around 9000 miles of coastline. It has amazing mountains stony and sandy beaches with many inland waterways and breath taking lakes.  Ireland has diverse landscapes and therefore is the ideal destination for you, the nature lover.

The land of a thousand welcomes

We, the Irish people, are world renowned for our hundred thousand welcomes that we extend to all the people that visit Ireland all year round. We pride ourselves in being friendly and courteous to you, the holiday maker visiting our country. So keep in mind this; if you lose your way in Ireland, just smile and ask someone for directions and you will surely be put on your way.

Looking for music, food and fun

All year around here in Ireland we have festivals in every part of the country. Many people visit Ireland and plan Ireland vacations around these fantastic festivals. Here in Ireland, our festivals celebrate our traditions and our love for music and food. We have oyster festivals, jazz, matchmaking, sailing and Irish music festivals; and to top it all off, we even crown a goat in August in the town of Killorglin!


We here in Ireland enjoy the cleanest freshest crisp air on the planet. If you need to get away from a smog filled city, Ireland is the place for you. Come visit us and go off and enjoy, explore Ireland’s landscapes and walking routes and fill your lungs with the freshest air on earth. Here you can relax, unwind and revitalise.

Steeped in tradition

We here in Ireland are blessed to have some of the best musicians in the world. No matter where you go in Ireland, either it is a local village town or a city, you will be exposed to some truly talented musicians. All Irish pubs offer Trad sessions where you will find a group of local musicians playing and singing; an experience not to be missed by any holiday maker. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to visit a real Irish pub. As we have all witnessed, irrespective of what corner of the world one resides, an Irish themed bar is always close!

Easy to get here and easy to see

Ireland has many airports for such a small country so it is very accessible for you to visit. Within minutes from any airport you will be enjoying the beautiful landscape and the rich shades of green, unique to Ireland. Ireland is a very safe country to drive in. Plus, you won’t have to worry about heavy traffic conditions. Also you can drive from the top to the bottom of Ireland in one day; this give you an idea of the size of the country.

Irish ancestry

Many of you who live in America, Canada or Australia just to mention a few, have Irish blood running through your veins. Many people who have Irish heritage visit Ireland to trace their routes and meet some of their long lost relatives. There is no denying that when you visit us, you will fall in love with Ireland, its culture traditions and charms.

Come visit Ireland

So I have outlined some reasons for you to visit us here in Ireland and more specially us at Goggins trips and tours here in Ballinskelligs, in Co Kerry. I will be putting many posts about Ireland and our local area in the coming weeks and months. If you have a desire to visit Ireland do not hesitate to contact us. We will cater for your accommodation, airport transfer and activities and trips.

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